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Counter-Strike BreakThrough Edition download comes with plenty of new game modes, such as Zombie Mode and Deathmatch. Below are list of the complete game modes.
NN Deathmatch
Team Deathmatch
Gun Deathmatch
Hidden Mode
Fun Mode – Bazooka Match
Challenge Mode (Deathrun)
Zombie Mode I (The Origin)
Zombie Mode III (The Hero)
Zombie Mode IV (Darkness)
Zombie Scenario
Zombie Escape

MSCOMCTL.OCX Counter-Strike 1.6 Fix error solved
"Error Mscomctl.ocx" appears and crashes the active program window.
MSCOMCTL.OCX Counter-Strike 1.6 Fix error solved > CS 1.6 Fix Download

*** Counter Strike full fix CS 1.6 Error 5899 Metadata file missing or damaged solved

Counter Strike breakthrough edition download | CSBTE 2.99X downlaod

English EN Counter-Strike Online (CSO or CSOL) is a version of Counter Strike CSBTE facing the gaming market Asians. It was originally developed by Nexon Corporation of South Korea with oversight from license from Valve Corporation. In April 2008, Nexon developed Counter-Strike Online game based on Counter-Strike Valve Corporation.
This game, in turn, aims to try and bring the game to the countries in which the game is not yet released (such as Brazil and the United States, for example), but without copying it, using as a basis, the Counter-Strike 1.6, AMXX Plugins and the Metahook (GoldSrc engine modification , like XASH Engine) .

Valve and Nexon for Textures, Sounds, Maps, Models.
Csoldjb, Spy False and Martin for Source Code.

CS 1.6 CSBTE Added mods:
Original, Custom Basic, Team Deathmatch, Gun Deathmatch, Zombie Original, Zombie Hero, Hidden, Bazooka Battle, Zombie Escape, Challenge, Juggernaut Quest, Protatype Attack, Siege Phobos Attack, Revenant Scene, Oberon Battle, Zombie Scenario, Human Scenario.
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Counter Strike breakthrough edition download Counter Strike 1.6 CSBTE 2.99X or Counter-Strike SME v6.3
Other Game Features
Quest System (You must complete missions to earn points to exchange for weapons, skins, tattoos)
Tattoo System (You need complete mission)