CS 1.6 MOD Info

    System Specifications
    Central processing unit: Dual primary Intel or AMD processor
    Ram memory: 1GB for windows XP, 2GB for windows 7/8/10
    Graphics: 512 MB graphics card, Nvidia 5 collection or Higher, recomend 1GB video card
    OS: Windows: XP/Win 7/8/10
    DirectX compatible sound card
    1 GB of hard disk space

    It's more like a deathmatch style mod , buyzone is restricted , all objectives removed, players have only knifes, you can attack your teammates, model of knife is changed.
    When you connect to the server firstly you must create your character , then you load it and after X time you're spawned, it's controllable by cvar.
    You can also delete your character, each character have their heroes, each hero have their special abbilities and skills.
    Killing enemy you get more experience, gold and with needed experience value you get new level , new stats points, new skills points, by the new level you can raise your stats , which gives you more power, skills with which you can cast your magic skills.
    There are also NPC ( A fake players that stands on the ground ) , you can go near them and press 'E' button to do some actions, each NPC have their own specialities, like Akara NPC sells potions , you can drink those potions and your health, mana grows up. Charsi NPC sells any kinds of items, you can buy/sell/repair/wear them, whem you wear those items each item gives you some effects, like more damage, armor, max health etc. Inventory NPC is a box where you can put your gold, items, potions.
    Mana is a magic points , they are needed to cast some magic skills.
    You can also trade/give items with other players.

Counter Strike 1.6 Slimi RPG MOD Download

CS 1.6 Slimi RPG MOD client is an install modification Diablo II : LOD (Custom) 2.3

cs 1.6 Slimi RPG mod download

counter strike 1.6 Slimi RPG mod download

download cs 1.6 Slimi RPG mod

download cs 1.6 Slimi RPG mod
Download CS 1.6 Slimi RPG mod
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Diablo is an action role-playing video game series (sometimes called hack and slash)
developed by Blizzard Entertainment. It is made up of three core games: Diablo, Diablo II, and Diablo III.
Expansion games include the third-party published Diablo: Hellfire, which follows the first game, and Lord of Destruction, published by Blizzard and released after the second game. Reaper of Souls is the expansion for Diablo III.

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Diablo III Spotlight
Diablo III: Eternal Collection is a console-exclusive version of Diablo III. It combines the Ultimate Evil Edition and Rise of the Necromancer pack into a single bundle. The collection was initially released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch version is set to launch on November 2, 2018.
The Switch version will contain the following bonuses:
Legend of Ganondorf cosmetic armor set
Triforce portrait frame
Cucco pet
Echoes of the Mask cosmetic wings

Sand Maggot
Sand Maggots, named for their burrowing abilities, are actually arthropods and not worms at all. These insects were once a staple diet for those that resided in the desert regions. The eggs were gathered and prepared as a protein-rich paste. Serving to supplement the dry foods naturally available in the region, the paste enhanced the nutritive value and flavor of meals. Now, however, the eggs, larvae, and flesh of the adults have acquired poisonous properties...

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